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Naylor, Phyllis R. Essays - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Alice Series

Naylor, Phyllis R. Monday November 23, 1998 Phyllis Renolds Naylor: Her Life Reflected in Her Alice Books Phyllis Renolds Naylor was born in Anderson, Indiana on January 4, 1933. She has written over eighty books for children, teenagers, and adults, but her Alice books are most famous. Phyllis Naylor reflects her life as a child in all her Alice books. Phyllis started the Alice series so she could write down all of the embarrassing things that happened to her as a child. She has provided comfort to many readers through Alice and her friends. Most of the books in her Alice series show the readers many of the ins and outs life takes her through (Hipple 404). Naylor has been through many of the agonies and joys that Alice McKinley experiences in her books and is glad she does not have to go through them again (Qtd. in Naylor, The Agony of Alice back flap). Basically, Phyllis takes her life as a young girl growing up and puts them in her books. For example, Alice wants to be a clinical psychologist, and Phyllis studied to be a clinical psychologist (Naylor 55). Alice's father manages a music store, and she works in it on Saturday's. Naylor got the idea of a music store from the one she used to sit in waiting for her son (All but Alice back flap). The most vivid memory in Naylor's mind is the time she was playing Tarzan with a boy in he r neighborhood, when she was eight (Naylor 94). She was Jane and he was Tarzan, at some point in the script she was supposed to let him kiss her. Although she wanted him to kiss her, she collapsed with embarrassment everytime he got near her face. (Naylor 94) This episode takes place in The Agony of Alice. ?I began thinking of all the other things I had done as a young girl that were silly or stupid, and how I frequently hoped that whoever had seen me do them had either forgotten them or by now was dead...? (Naylor 94) Phyllis Naylor's books are about the minor decisions that affect peoples daily lives (Hipple 402). She includes this in this Alice series. Everyday Alice McKinley experiences something new, she makes decisions that sometimes she regrets. Naylor is also able to portray the realities of contemporary society into her books (Hipple 402). For example: when Alice is asked by Patrick [her boyfriend] to join him for dinner at his parent's country club. Alice has no idea what she is going to wear, or which fork to use (Hipple 402). Phyllis Naylor includes many themes in her books. Most come from her back-ground as a child. Religion is the most important one. It comes from having a ?deeply religious? family as a child (Hipple 398). She describes Christianity as: ?a positive work ethics, tolerance, and having faith in some one larger than oneself? (qtd. in Hipple 399). In her Alice books she incorporates religion into Elizabeth. One of Alice's best friends, Elizabeth and her family go to church every Sunday. Phyllis brings up many of the questions about God, and religion in Elizabeth and Alice. Another theme in Phyllis's books, is the importance of work. Being useful and constructive is another key theme in many of her books. She also incorporates the importance of community, into her books. Naylor is constantly active in many projects and groups in her community. (Hipple 403) In Naylor's world the mature individual is the one who recognizes the family and community, accepts help when it is needed, works to make the world a better place, and accepts responsibility for his or her own future (Hipple 404). Phyllis Renolds Naylor's books are true to life, not only hers but the lives of others. She writes the Alice books for a reason: to show her readers that they are not alone. There are other people who experience these problems, and they live through it. People many not get the life they want, they should just be happy they get a life at all. Phyllis is thankful for the life God gave her, even the embarrassing things she went through. ?I am happy and excited, restless and driven, all at the

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In this period, which we call the Renaissance (the rebirth of interests in the arts), with its church-dominated intellectual and cultural life was transformed into a society increasingly dominated by politics, with an urban, commercial economy and lay support of education, the arts, and music. Most Renaissance theorists came to the conclusion that the main task of men in power was to maintain security and peace. Machiavelli stated that the creative force of the ruler was the key to preserving his own position and the well beings of his subjects. This was an idea agreeable with contemporary politics. Machiavelli also continued with that the ruler must be "as cunning as a fox and as ferocious as a lion" in his dealings with his subjects. Henry VII of England used his power to check the strength of the aristocracy and empower the monarch. Henry VII used his royal council for all of his matters. The council prepared laws for parliamentary ratification. The royal council dealt with real or potential aristocratic threats via a judicial offshoot, such as the court of Star Chamber. Besides the sovereignty which men held over politics, they [men] also held a strong domination over women. Men considered women as their "equity". In Castiglione's The Courtier, the wo! man was to make herself pleasing to the man. Only men could partake in the public environment. Women belonged at home. J. Lucas-Dubreton described a model household during the Renaissance as one where the first thing that the man does after their marriage is showing his wife where grain, wine, and wood are stored and where valuables are kept. He does not disclose to her any information concerning his finances. After this is completed, he prays to God that she will be a good wife who will please him. He also prays that they will have many male children. The man prays that he will have a good political standing, and that his wife will be a good housekeeper.

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Is Capital Punishment Morally Justifiable Essay

Is Capital Punishment Morally Justifiable - Essay Example The textbook says that "Moral questions usually involve a range of different issues, which do need to be distinguished from each other in order to be effectively treated." (Gascoigne, p. 200). Thus in this section we will define the exact questions concerning capital punishment we are going to discuss, and we will define the reasons for the death penalty we consider to be worth of discussing. The dilemma whether capital punishment is legitimate is in fact the question whether the society has the right to commit the deed it punishes its members for. In this essay we are going to deal with the death penalty that is given to the criminals who took the lives of other people intentionally. We are not going to consider the political causes for the capital punishment, as we presume that murdering a person who hasn't committed similar crime himself or herself is unjustified a priori. We are going to discuss a question of whether the death penalty is an adequate punishment for murder and sexual assault, and whether the society has the right to take the life of its members intentionally. Our main question here is whether the society has the right to legalize murder in order to deter potential criminals by the consequences of their deeds, and to take a revenge for the victim's sufferings. We should decide whether the existence of the capital punishment in our society conforms to th e principles and ideals the members of this society declare they share. 2. Knowledge "We cannot develop a relevant moral norm unless we have detailed and specific knowledge of the situations in which this norm is intended to guide us." (Gascoigne, p.201). Thus in this section we have to get acquainted with the recent findings in the criminology of murder and talk about the types of murder that sometimes result in death penalty for people who commit them. There is some kind of psychological barrier in most of us engrafted by the society that doesn't allow us to take the life of other human being. The theory exists among some psychologists that when a person kills a man, this barrier is broken. In their opinion this is the main reason for which the criminals are isolated from society. Whether we agree with this theory or not, we should accept that a murderer is a person who has some alterations in his/her psychic, and he/she should be treated accordingly. An opinion exists that it is society that is guilty for the deeds of the criminals, as they are the products of its upbringing. It's true that the considerable part of people who committed violent crimes had suffered some form of abuse during their childhood years. The psychologists say that being violent becomes a normal path of action for those kids, and when they grow up, they continue to use this demeanor, as it proves its effectiveness to them. The statistics shows that most murders aren't planned and cruel ones; they rather happen in the state of affect within the family, among friends or lovers. There are also carefully planned murders committed for to allow the criminals to reach some of their goals. Some of the murders and assaults that happen are unprovoked, when the victim and the criminal don't know each other. An opinion exists that capital punishment is an effective method for crime prevention as it deters the potential criminals, but it's not supported by the statistical data. The thing is that in the countries, which abolished death penalty, the level of

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Hegelian Idealism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Hegelian Idealism - Essay Example "the atoms that make a man are just atoms by themselves, with no inherent value. It is the whole that must be evaluated. 'Isolated moments' may be recorded accurately but these moments mean nothing without context." "This is the meaning of reality for Hegel that reality is the whole truth, grasped by our rational concepts. Reality is the absolute truth, it is the totality and synthesis of all partial and limited truth. Reality properly understood is the totality of truth of absolute mind. This breathtaking vision of absolute total reality is linked to the method by which it is known. This is the famous method of dialectic" So the 'whole' is sovereign over the 'parts'. Through some self-reflection and through living socially we find that views are one-sided, slanted and so on capable of improvement. This produces an opposite. This is similar to Jungian Psychology which emphasizes the overcoming of opposites with a 'transcendent third'.1 In Hegelian terms Note that in Jungian Psychology there is also similarity with Hegelian philosophy in that Jungian Psychology emphasizes the evolution of consciousness, whereby the individual desires conscious growth and unconscious participation but that the slant is towards the former in general. (see for example, the Jungian thinker, Eric Neumann's 'The origins and History of Consciousness' (1954) this is usually phrased thesis-antithesis-synthesis. The new point (the transcendent third) is the one which synthesizes "the two opposing philosophies into a more complete truth." (Lavine, 1985, p214) Note that Lavine said 'opposing philosophies'. Hegel emphasizes the collective over the individual. Indeed the individual needs a contributing idea to give his or her life meaning through contributing to the whole. It is a very history based system in that it assumes that each historical generation learns from and improves the previous generations philosophy hence is coming closer to absolute truth.2 EXISTENTIALISM Existentialism was around before the post-world war 2 period but it was in this aftermath of devastation that it reached its height in influence. This is mainly true when we look at French existentialism. Paul Sartre was the first to use the term 'existentialism'3 and other French philosophers such as Gabriel Marcel, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Simone de Beauvoir, and Albert Camus have all also been regarded as existentialists.4 Existentialists are critical about scientism which they see as the dominant hegemonic culture that is indifferent or hostile to healthier and more meaningful worldviews. Existentialists tend to think that scientism creates a culture slanted towards meaninglessness and whereby therefore a whole host of negative substitutes to meaning will be lived-out instead such as addictions and obsessions

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Identify a new initiative, need, situation, or problem that exists in Term Paper

Identify a new initiative, need, situation, or problem that exists in my major area of study (Public Administration) see attachm - Term Paper Example The country has suffered in almost all the aspects as the governmental policies are not effective in dealing with terrorism. Public administration is an essential part of a government and the governmental policies and ideologies form the major part of a country’s security. Public administration includes problem identification, policy determination, analysis and proposing a solution to resolve the issue. A government generally aims at resolving the problems related to public in an efficient manner. Public administration is considered to be the important part of a country’s government and the government has the responsibility to implement procedures that are favorable for the public. This ensures that public administration is connected to almost all types of organizations and it has touched the lives of many. Terrorism, when compared to the other issues has become a life threatening problem that has led to several related issues. Public administration in any form aims at serving the public in an efficient manner. (Petroni, 2005). Public safety has becomes a matter of concern these days. The reason is the increase in the number of illegal activities that pose greater risks to the people residing in a country. The country must incorporate certain strategies to improve this situation and must propose policies to make sure that people are safe. Since security is the primary concern, the involvement of the government is the important part of a country’s security. Each stage of a country’s security is taken care by the government. The public administration department of U.S’s government has appointed certain voluntary organizations to safe guard the people. These organizations follow the legislations imposed by the government and must impart the importance of it. Though the government in U.S has been proactive in dealing with the terrorist activities, the lack of co-ordination and other factors lead to a problematic situation. Public administration must be carried out in an effective way, so that the government can be sure of eradicating the problem of terrorism. The political parties play a major role in the public administration department. (Chandler, 2000). Each of these parties place their own suggestions and options to deal with the recurring problems. Due to this reason, the government is pushed to a situation where they cannot decide about the solution for a particular problem. These problems contribute to the existing issues and thus make it tough for the government to deal with these issues. History of Terrorism in U.S Terrorism has been a great problem in U.S since the time of Second World War. Second World War created an impact on the lives of people residing in U.S. Even though terrorism is not new to U.S, the effect of wars and the aftermath created a wave of fear among the residents of U.S. People migrated to some other parts of the country and this made the remaining people to have a tough time. T he government and the political parties were not able to resolve the problems that resulted due to the increasing issues of terrorism. The government felt that the reason behind the terrorist activities was the American democracy. Democracy resulted in domestic terrorism as the people did not trust the concept of democracy. Instead they formed groups to agitate and protest against the governmental policies. When compared to the other countries,

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Night Hunting Controversy in Saskatchewan

Night Hunting Controversy in Saskatchewan Night hunting controversy has been in the news for quite some time in Saskatchewan. The province made amendments to the Wildlife Regulations on Feb 10 1998 to ban the use of artificial lighting for hunting. Now there is talk in Manitoba to try and do the same thing as Saskatchewan. Cathy Cox has yet to say if there would be a banning or not but is worried the Indigenous people would become very upset. In Manitoba the Indigenous night hunting rights are protected under the constitution but the Chiefs are open to discuss issues about the safety of night hunting. Similar issues arose in Saskatchewan about the safety of the public with night hunting going on. In 1997 farmers were signing a petition to ban night hunting because of a court hearing the year before saying MÃ ©tis people would now have the same hunting rights as people with Indian Status. Hunters all over the province were putting there two bits in but at the same time First Nations Chiefs came out saying it was tradition to use moonlight but it is not tradition to be using artificial light to hunt. MÃ ©tis have their own wildlife act that discourages the use of light as well. Most people no matter where they come from agree that night hunting is a big safety problem with bullets flying around and not being able to see whats beyond what you are shooting at, but its also about the animals and giving them a fair chance. People who are hunting are also getting a thrill out of it and it takes that thrill away if the animal doesnt have much of a chance. In 1998 when they decided ban night hunting the province had lots of conversations with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and MÃ ©tis Nation-Saskatchewan. They decided to ban any unsafe night hunting in the province but still respecting all the treaty and Aboriginal rights. This issue is in the news because the province of Manitoba is trying to follow what Saskatchewan did back in 1998 but it is very tough to ban something that falls under someones tradition. The province is trying to work with both sides to come up with a solution but has not yet announced the decision they have come too. This issue is very hard to resolve because the right of night hunting for Indigenous people falls under the Constitution Act of 1982, stating that as long as the night hunting is done safely and is on the reserve, unoccupied crown land or private land with permission from the land owner then it is legal. Â  Saskatchewan came to the conclusion because both sides thought that it was unsafe to the public to discharge a firearm at night but they both agreed that it was unethical to freeze an animal with artificial light to harvest it. Indigenous people are still practicing moonlight hunting because it is tradition and has been used for many years. The province prohibited spotlighting but they also put restrictions on night shooting and shooting from the side of the road, and if caught doing either of those there is a possibility of a $25,000 fine. It has been 20 years since Saskatchewan banned night hunting and biologists say that the moose and deer population are much healthier especially the moose. The moose population has gone up and you can now see moose almost all across the province and no just the heavily wooded areas. Lorne Scott who was the former Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management Minister says that peer pressure was part of the swaying towards banning the night hunting because he said if you cant shoot an animal in the day light with all the newest advanced technology but your ancestors could shoot one with a bow and arrow they made, then should you really be hunting. I agree with the banning of night hunting but also the fines they give out with night shooting and shooting from the side of the road. I am personally a hunter and the thrill of the chase is a big part of why I hunt along with the amount of meat you get with it, but if you have ever seen a deer in front of your car on the road they just stop and look at you, its the same thing with a spotlight to freeze the animal up so you can shoot it. I dont think it is ethical to hunt the animals like that. The chase is part of the hunting experience and gives the animals a fair chance. In my opinion night hunting is unethical and should be banned across the whole country, it is also unsafe for the public in the area with stray bullets flying around. People who shoot at night have no idea what is on the other side of there intended target and it could hit a house or even live stalk which are worth a lot of money and affect people livelihood. References Malone, K. (2017, January 29). Consultations and treaty rights: Night hunting lessons from Saskatchewan. Retrieved February 21, 2017, from Producer, W. (n.d.). Western Producer. Retrieved February 21, 2017, from PROVINCE ANNOUNCES NEW NIGHT HUNTING REGULATIONS. (n.d.). Retrieved February 21, 2017, from

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The Long Walk :: essays research papers

Walking, there is no end in sight: stranded on a narrow country road for all eternity. It is almost dark now. The clouds having moved in secretively. When did that happen? I am so far away from all that is familiar. The trees are groaning against the wind’s fury: when did the wind start blowing? Have I been walking for so long that time hysterically slipped away! The leaves are rustling about swirling through the air like discarded post-it notes smashing, slapping against the trees and blacktop, â€Å"splat-snap†. Where did the sun go? It gave the impression only an instant ago, or had it been longer; that it was going to be a still and peaceful sunny day; has panic from hunger and walking so long finally crept in? Waking up this morning, had I been warned of the impending day, the highs and lows that I would soon face, and the unexpected twist of fate that awaited me, I would have stayed in bed. It was a sunny day. The leftovers of last week’s snowstorm still blanketed most of the surrounding area. I decided, after straggling about the house for nearly two hours, lethargy slowly creeping in, that I would go for a drive. I leaped in my trusty old Maverick and roared away. The Maverick, which I bought in 1975, was dark blue, (my favorite color). It was a steal and only ten years past its prime. It was a good, trustworthy car and until today, I had not had any problems with it. This was a spontaneous kind of getaway, so nothing was planned, no basket of food prepared, nor did I make any other preparations. Living in the city can be depressing so getting away from the concrete jungle for a few hours was a welcomed escape. I have not lived in this city for very long, although I knew the names of the adjoining towns, there were a few that I did not know. However, being the adventurer that I am, I drove off in a direction that I have never been. I do not know why I did not t hink to look at the gas gauge before I left perhaps I was too preoccupied with the thought of fleeing that I did not care. After two and a half hours of Driving, on an old narrow country road, maneuvering the Maverick to its full potential I began to sense the problem with my car even before it actually happened.

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The Keys to Successful Parenting

Kendallyn February 7, 2013 Mr. Mellema English 11 The Keys to Successful Parenting Being a successful parent requires a whole lot more than just providing for the physical needs of a child. To achieve being a successful parent, it means to be completely committed to building the well-being of the child. Personally, I think the qualities a successful parent should have is to be completely understanding and supportive, having faith in them, and being full of unconditional love. Having these qualities can have a great outcome of your child's behavior.And I'm sure that's what every parent wants. Showing Support and understanding is key in successful parenting. Understanding your child and taking time out of your day to talk with them and understand them is a very powerful way of showing love and compassion in my opinion. Listening to your kid can, and will draw a closer bond between you and can result in a lot less conflict. I believe by not showing nor having this quality, it can lead t o an unhealthy relationship and disconnection between you and your child.Also, having an absence of someone listening to you and understanding you as a child can result in future problems such as mentally and unhealthy habits. I know this because I have witnessed this in my life. â€Å"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid. â€Å"- Albert Einstein. I think that this quote applies to parenting in some way. I believe that parents should notice and praise all the positive things that a child does in life.It can sure be a confidence boost. You should avoid jokingly calling your child â€Å"dumb†, â€Å"brat†, â€Å"good for nothing,† because there's always that chance that they don’t know you're just teasing them. Some kids take that kind of stuff to heart and start believing that they truly are â€Å"dumb† and ‘good for nothing'. I believe by havin g complete faith in your child not only boosts their confidence, but it makes them realize all the good things they can accomplish. All these qualities are great to have, but I think the absolutely most important quality you hould have is showing and having unconditional love for your children. Growing up, it is inevitable to not make mistakes. It's just apart of life. So when your child does make a mistake, it shouldn’t change how much love you have for them. Without love, there would be no strong foundation to build up a good relationship with your child or even your family. It just wouldn’t be possible to have a healthy stable family if love was absent in your home. I know I'm just a teenager and I have no experience being a parent, but by the looks of it, parenting sure doesn’t look easy.I know there is so much more to being a parent and there are as much responsibilities that reach beyond the moon that goes with it, but I believe by building up these qualit ies that I listed can make parenting a lot more successful and easy on you. So what I'm basically saying is if you keep these qualities in mind, have positive attitude and raise your children with complete positivity and love, there can be a prodigious outcome. And I think that it's totally worth it.

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The sound of my alarm clock started ringing

The sound of my alarm clock started ringing.   I tried to stop it in my half-awake state, looking at the clock; it read 7:30 in the morning. I tried to push myself up and prepare for work.   Once I got up, I opened the curtains and felt the sun’s rays touch my eyes.I felt that it’s going to be beautiful day. As I proceed to the kitchen, the smell of brewing coffee aroused my senses and captivated me to drink a cup before heading for the bathroom and prepare for work.After I finished fixing myself, I headed out of my unit and went outside. The sights of the place seem to indicate that fall is fast approaching.   It is when leaves starting to turn to brown, birds chirping and the winds slowly building.As I walk on the sidewalk towards the subway, I glimpsed at children laughing and playing while their parents reprimand them of staying put. Even though the sun is exhibiting its brightness and warmth, the wind seems to overpower him as it sends chills in my body. Afte r a couple of strides, I arrived at the park.There the trees sway as if they are encouraging the wind to never stop. The usual visitors were there doing their own thing. The jogger, as I want to call her, was doing her laps.   The old couple was at their usual places reading the morning papers with each one giving me a smile as I headed my way.There was nothing unusual about this but the weather seemed to indicate otherwise. People looked more calm and cheerful while the birds are as if chirping their last and the wind seemed to blow an aura of happiness to every individual.   As I approached the subway station, I again took the liberty to look at town, seeing that everything seems to be in their proper order, I started to head down.Sitting in the train and recalling the instances that greeted me awhile back, I started to show a glimpse of a smile.   After all that happened, I know for a fact that today is going to be a beautiful day for everyone.

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The Crimes of Brandy Holmes

The Crimes of Brandy Holmes During the early evening hours of January 1, 2003, the Brandy Holmes and her boyfriend, Robert Coleman, forced their way into the rural home of Julian Brandon, a retired minister who was 70 years of age, and his wife Alice, who was 68 years of age. Reverend Brandon was shot at near contact range in the underside of his jaw with a .380 caliber handgun. The bullet separated into two pieces: one fragment entered his brain and the other exited the top of his head. Julian Brandon immediately collapsed. Holmes and Coleman then took Mrs. Brandon to the rear bedroom and demanded her valuables, cash, and credit cards as she begged for her life. Ignoring her pleas, they placed a pillow over the womans face and shot her in the head, and left her for dead.    Over-Kill After shooting Mrs. Brandon, Holmes and Coleman heard Reverend Brandon struggling with his wounds and returned and stabbed and slashed him to death. Concerned Friends Discover the Bodies On January 5, 2003, four days after the attack, Calvin Barrett Hudson, a family friend of the Brandons, became concerned when the couple did not attend church on Sunday and decided to check on them. When he and his wife went to their friends residence, they found Reverend Brandon lying in a pool of his blood on the carpet. Hudson immediately went to a neighbors house and called the sheriffs office. When the police responded to the call, they found Reverend Brandons body. It was not until the authorities checked the house that they discovered Mrs. Brandon was barely alive. Even though Mrs. Brandon received a gunshot wound to the head, she survived the attack, although she was permanently disabled and requires around-the-clock care. Tips Lead Investigators to the Killers Door After the television news reported the crime, the Caddo Parish Sheriffs Office received a tip from persons at an apartment complex near the crime scene. The callers indicated the Holmes had been bragging about killing an elderly couple down the road near a church and that she was trying to sell their jewelry. Detectives then went to the trailer of Brenda Bruce, Holmes mother, which was located near the homicide scene. There they located Holmes, Coleman, her mother, and her 15-year-old brother, Sean George. All four agreed to accompany the officers to the sheriffs office for interviews. Over the next two days Holmes made six recorded and unrecorded statements, implicating herself and others to varying degrees in the homicide and robbery. She also said that two days after murders, she and two of her young nephews bicycled to the Brandons home. The youngest nephew, nine years of age, entered the home with her and she walked to the back of house and heard Mrs. Brandons heavy breathing and turned around and left.   The nine-year-old nephew entered the home with his aunt, where he saw Reverend Brandon lying in a pool of blood and heard Mrs. Brandon screaming from another room in the home. A neighbor witnessed both nephews fleeing from the residence, leaving the Holmes inside the home. Evidence Police recovered considerable circumstantial evidence that proved Holmes involvement in the crime. Although the gun used in the shootings was not recovered, ballistics evidence demonstrated that the weapon used in the Brandon homicide was the same weapon that had belonged to Holmess father and had been stolen from his residence in Tylertown, Mississippi. Holmes admitted she had stolen her fathers gun in one of her statements to the police. In addition, a surveillance video from Hibernia Bank depicted the Holmes and Coleman attempting to use the Brandons credit card at an ATM. A search of the Bruce trailer where the Holmes and Coleman were staying led to the discovery of several items that belonged to Mrs. Brandon. Three fired .380 cartridge casings were found in the rain gutter of the trailer where she lived.   Laboratory analysis revealed that Reverend Brandons DNA was found on one of these casings.   Ã‚   Additionally, forensic analysis matched the .380 projectile recovered from Reverend Brandons brain and the dining room ceiling to a projectile recovered from a tree at the home of Holmes father in Mississippi. Brandy Holmes was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to death.

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See the attachement and decide which question you are familiar with Essay

See the attachement and decide which question you are familiar with - Essay Example As stated by Lord Sainsbury, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at DTI, the purpose of the Act is to â€Å"to constantly update company law in response to changes in the way companies do business†1. According to Lord Sainsbury, the Act has four key objectives: It cannot be gainsaid that minority shareholders occupy a vulnerable and precarious position in the hierarchy of the corporate structure. The dilemma that of how one is to go about preserving their rights and granting them protections is akin to the dilemma that faces a democratic polity: while the will of the majority is a foremost consideration and indeed is the most equitable way to resolve disputes and frame policies, there is an equally compelling and equally valid need to have regard for the interests of those in the minority – marginalized sectors who face constant threat of being disenfranchised in a system founded on justice and fairness. The part of the Act that is most relevant to shareholder engagement is Part 11, which provides shareholders with, as stated in paragraph 480 of the Explanatory Notes, â€Å"a new procedure for bringing such an action which set down criteria for the court distilled from the Foss v Harbottle jurisprudence". 2 The Act essentially expands the existing derivative action, and allows shareholders to sue the directors for a wider range of breaches, namely in respect of an actual or proposed act or omission involving negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust. Another significant change is that a shareholder who has brought proceedings must apply to court for permission to continue the claim. The following criteria must be followed by the court in considering whether or not refuse permission are as follows: The Act also contains restrictive provisions on the issue of ratification by the majority. Members who are personally interested in the

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Ellis College Admission Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ellis College Admission - Essay Example Ellis College believes in delivering superior education to the students. I can take the first major step towards achieving my career goal at Ellis. I do not have an American diploma but what I know is Ellis values the experience gained by the individual over the years, which will help me as I have plenty of experience in the profession. I am planning to join another organization because right now I have a decent job, but with not much of growth potential. I firmly believe that to grow up, there must be opportunities for capable persons, which in turn provide motivation to perform still better. 5. As you advance in your career, what are your priorities related to advancement? For example, these priorities may include finding a stable position, reaching a certain salary level, fulfilling a personal interest, using specialized skills, being challenged intellectually, or providing benefits to others. You may have other priorities than the examples listed here, and you are encouraged to discuss them. My short-term goal is to gain credentials as a qualified learner, who’s ready to accept the challenges and learn from them. Therefore my first priority is to reach a stable position using specialized skills. Ellis College will help me in polishing my skills. I’ll do all my sincere efforts to consolidate my position thereafter. And after reaching a certain salary level I’ll consider having my own enterprise. Having received so much from the society, I consider it my solemn duty to pay my due share back to the society as well. I’ll, therefore, do my bit to help in reducing the agony of orphan kids by providing them with toys and books. Ellis College is certain to provide me the edge in interpreting the challenges arising out of globalization and competition. I am sure Ellis can help me in restructuring my knowledge and broadening the knowledge base.