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How iCloud provides advantages to Apple Inc. Customers Essay

Innovations in Information Technology expanding rapidly and synergistic with the development of modern society that has the characteristics of high mobility, look for a flexible service, easy-paced and satisfying. The need for systems and methods reliably to the individuals or companies are increasing due to globalization where the business movement is growing so fast. Apple included in the top 25 company in forbes magazine The assessment is based on their Rankings for sales, profits, assets and market value. In 2012, Apple posted quarterly revenue of $36.0 billion and quarterly net profit of $8.2 billion, or $8.67 per diluted share. International sales accounted for 60 percent of the quarter’s revenue. During the quarter, the company sold 26.9 million iPhones, 14 million iPad, 4.9 million Macs and 5.3 million iPods. iCloud is a cloud computing based technology of apple which seamlessly integrated into devices that allows users to synchronize data such as photos, music, and documents into an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and the computer automatically at the same time. Users can access anywhere and anytime without the need to back up data manually. Furthermore, the system will automatically sync music or applications that have been purchased through Apple’s iTunes on all devices connected to the account. Not only that, iCloud also stores all the data of purchase on iTunes. It allows users to download music or apps back ever purchased using any device without having to buy back. During the fourth-quarter of 2012, Apple announced that iCloud has 190 million users, which increased significantly from 150 million users in July and the 125 million in April. In terms of accessing iCloud, Apple customers just need to register or sign up iCloud with their Apple ID and password, and then a free storage of 5GB will be theirs unconsciously. This storage space can be use for anything that customers want from hottest music’s, latest photograph, articles, and eBooks. Users who need more can purchase $20 per year for 10GB of additional storage (for a total of 15GB), $40 for 20GB and $100 for 50GB. Similarly there are also numerous advantages that are security, easy of access even situated in remote places as long as you have your ID and password, trouble-free development, and most of all friendly to the surroundings or environment. Besides that, iCloud is also eco-friendly which helps you to cutback the operating cost of electrical energy. Based on Porter’s Three Generic Strategies, iCloud system for apple devices adopted differentiation competitive advantage. Apple strong echo-system of cloud sharing and product integration could guarantee success, as apple products is unchallanged by its competitors. Apple Inc. key success is every product that apple release compliments the next with great sinergy, so innovation not only create excitement of long lines at new product launches, but also can become foundations for entire ecosystems. In terms of 5 Forces, Apple Inc. has a power to bargain with suppliers (games and application developers, etc.) and buyers as well. Buyer power influences the price that firms can charge, and also the cost and investment, this is due that powerful buyers demand costly services. As for the RBVF analysis, Apple has position itself as the leader in technology industry by influences a firms demand curve with the loyalty of their customers. Peter and Barney, 2003, said that A firm that has conquered a competitive advantage has created economic value than its competitors which shown by create greater benefit at the same cost compared to competitors (differentiation-based competitive advantage). The competitors for iCloud are Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon-Aws, and Google Cloud.

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Nurger King Project Including Pestel Analysis

Global service economy project Burger King Table of content: 1. Introduction 2. Presentation of the company 3. PESTEL analysis of the company 4. Poters 5 forces analysis 5. Resources Introduction In this project we would like to look from the insight of the Burger King Company and analyse the main factors which affects the progress and development of the organisation, as well as its business future. To accomplish a clear look-up on the company and undertake the analysis we are going to use the PESTEL model and Poter’s five forces model. A PESTEL analysis most commonly is used to measure a market.It can be used for marketing and business development and decision making. There are many factors that affect the decisions of managers of any company. To encourage proactive thinking and help analyse the organisation’s macro-environment managers use the PESTEL model, where PESTEL stands for: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal. Potter’ fiv e forces is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development. It consists of five forces which affect a company’s ability to serve its customers and make profit.Potter’s five forces refer to: threat of new entrants, power of suppliers, power of consumers, threat of substitutes, competitive rivalry. Burger King Company Burger King is an international franchise organisation. It was founded in 1954 and with its signature recipes and family friendly dinning environment the company grew tremendously on the market and became one of the most famous restaurants for fast food in the world. Nowadays it is the second largest hamburger chain. Burger King suffered many changes during the years . It changed the owner of the company a couple of times .It also started a new way of advertising , which turned out to bring it very big success. First the adverticements were animated and were popular within the kids. The company also changed its slogan a couple of times and that is what makes it intresgting among the people. Later on in the history of Burger King was introduced the breakfast menu which became very popular and immediately turned out into hit. During the years the company kept improving by introdusing new sandwiches and advertisments where was always said that the customers are important for them .Eight years after establishing the first restaurant in the US , the company had 275 restarants more all around the country . Later was opened the first Burger King restaurant abroad – in Puerto Rico . This was the beginning of expanding and thinking globally. Nowadays Burger King have restaurants in many countries all around the world . It is the second most popular fast food chain , after McDonald‘s . People love it because of the unique way of preparing its sanwiches and the friendly autmosphere each of the restaurants has. PESTEL analysis of Burger King CompanyPolitical factors At widest the Political environment and factors refers to tax policies, environmental laws, trade restrictions and etc. and may also refer to goods and services which the government want to provide or not provide. In general the Burger King Company is not seriously affected by the political environment. It is only affected by the tax rate, which is different in every country. There were also debates in the Arabian world, regarding an offense to the Muslim religion through a kind of ice-cream the company provides.However, at the moment in Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest Burger King restaurants. Economic factors Economic factors include economic growth, interest rates, inflation and etc. Burger King is one of the biggest fast food chains as well as a fast growing franchise company. Since 1950’s first starting with one restaurant in Florida it has become world-known and nowadays it has more than 12,000 restaurants in 76 countries. Social factors Social factors refer to the population growth, age and demand. Burger King is a world-known company famous for its delicious fast food.There is high demand for warm, tasty and cheap food, no matter the age or gender. The company use only chicken or beef meat and for this reason the food is consumed even in the Muslim countries. Of course the demand will differ between countries with higher or less population. Technological factors Technological factors include innovations, marketing campaigns, automation and technological change. Burger King is fast growing company because of the innovations and marketing campaigns. It is famous logo is easily recognised by people of all ages.The company have tried a lot of different marketing campaign, changed its logo and it business strategies several times since it grew up outside the boarders of US. Environmental factors Environmental factors include ecological and environmental factors such as water, climate, pollution and etc. Burger King Company is trying methods which will not harm the environment and even will have positive impact on it. They have started a Burger King Going Green Session for their employees and member of supply chains. The company is also very concerned about recycling and reusing.On global level BK Company have chosen to purchase beef raised in environmentally responsible ways. Legal factors Legal factors include consumer, employee, and health and safety law As a condition of doing business within the BURGER KING Franchise system, every approved vendor must comply with the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct for Vendors. Burger King Company have partnered and received recognition from variety of organisations that share their dedication to be a good corporate citizen and improve the communities around the world. Poters five forces analysisThe Five forces analysis is a framework created to help understand the structure of an organization or company‘s position with respect to the forces operating in the microenvironment. It is also used to explain the competitor‘s performance on the market. The five forces are: Threat of new entrants Bargaining power of suppliers Bargaining power of customers Threat of substitute products Degree of competitive rivalry Threat of New entrants – Threat of new entrants refers to new companies entering the market and competing with the present ones.To become competitive Burger King Company is constantly introducing new trends on the market which are interesting for the people. However, the industry they are in is already overloaded with restaurants and fast food chains. The most important thing that keeps them popular still is their reputation of always tasty foods and the family friendly environment. The way they advertise themselves is also one of the major factors which helps them survive in the competition with other fast food chains and restaurants.Bargaining power of suppliers – If the buyer is powerful enough to negotiate the price than the profit will be reduced. Burger King knows that very well that‘s why they have fixed prices for every hamburger they offer and the prices are very affordable. It‘s rather cheap and that is what customers like. Burger King combines cheap prices with high quality hamburgers and fries and also family and kids friendly environment. Burger King restaurants always implement that kids are their most important customers and for this reason they do a lot to attract them.This is a wise move because if you attract the kids you will also attract their parents and their friends. The uniqueness that the supplier provide with his resources: The suppliers of Burger King know that they want only the best quality meat and potatoes. Burger King Company use only trusted products and everything they do has a fresh taste. But however if the recourse is essential to the buying firm and there is no close substitutes then suppliers might be at a powerful position. That way they can sell on a higher price.Burger King knows that perfectly well and a lways has more than just one supplier so that they can choose the better price and the better quality of the products they want. The power of the customer – The power of the customer in relation to The Burger King Company is increasingly dominated by a small number of large retail products. If a market situation in which the product or service of several sellers is sought by only one buyer. The Burger King Company seeks to push the prices down. Moreover, the powerful customers act under pressure to drive prices down.Determination of buyer power: They offer a great range of products. Furthermore buyers in the restaurant industry are said to have weaker power because of the highly individualistic nature of the industry. Foods are served for each person and are not bought in large volumes. Further, the levels of uniqueness of the industry’s meals and surrounding are another determinant of the buyer power, aside from the available money to be spent on food. Nonetheless, th e consumers will attempt to find best prices for a meal as well, and will settle for restaurants which offer promotions and price cuts.Fast food chains like McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King, etc. are examples of these restaurants apart from catering to on-the-go people through drive thrust . For instance the company offer different size and kinds of sandwiches. The Burger King Company has great variety of menu as well. It is not limited only in sandwiches. That diversity of products and discount contribute to the bargaining power of buyers. Threat of the substitute products – The Burger King Company has a threat of substitute result in a new products and service competing closely with existing ones.First of all, they have differentiation and diversification strategies. Secondly, the company create switching costs to prevent loss of customers. The original is always better than the substitute and the customers might see that difference between products. It is a big risk to su bstitute the original and it might cost a lot . If there is a threat of a rival product that means that the firm will have to lower its prices and improve the quality of the product. We see this when we go to Burger King Restaurants. It‘s prices are lower than McDonald‘s for instance and the quality is better.They lower their prices because McDonald‘s is their biggest competition and the fight between them is big. That‘s why Burger King constantly changes the prices of their products to attract customers. So far they have been very successful with this method and they keep on expanding their chain of restaurants using that exact method. Degree of rivalry – Slow industry growth or decline makes competitors more desperate. For instance, when facing declining consumer interest in fast food, McDonald’s launched its 81 menu featuring the Big Tasty burger, which cost $ 1. 07 to make in some restaurants.This action, designed to wear out McDonaldâ€℠¢s chief rivals, Burger King and Wendy’s, squeezed industry wide margins. Finally, if there are only a small number of rivals led by a few dominant firms, no capacity is added incrementally, industry growth is strong and exit cost are reasonable. The degree of rivalry is likely to be moderate and industry profit more stable. Moreover, conditions opposite from those grant intense rivalry. Resources www. bk. com http://www. researchandmarkets. com/reports/564112/fast_food_global_industry_guid http://gwdocs. whopper. com/FDD/FDD_USA. pdf https://bkdelivers. com/#! menu John Tribe (2011)

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Edge cities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Edge cities - Essay Example The developer is able to make considerations on what they would want for the city and using this, they are able to choose a strategic location for the city. They developer can choose a location that will be close to the resources needed by the city or even a location that is close to the developer’s target market. A location can reduce the costs of raw materials, transportation costs and costs of delivering products to the market place. The edge city can also be located to close to social service points. Edge city developers are also able to provide proper and efficient social services and supplies such as water, electricity and medical services. In historic cities, the quality of social services is determined by the other factors such as finances, population size and geographical size. Edge cities enjoy the benefit of better planning over historic cities. This is because the developers plan for the expected population size in the edge city. When the population is determined the city planners are able to optimally determine the infrastructure needed and the layout of the various structures in the edge city. Historic cities chronically suffer from social-fiscal problems such as poverty and crime and capacity problems such as congestion. Another advantage of edge cities over historic cities is that they have flexibility in terms of redevelopment and restructuring. Since the developer has control over the layout and operations in the city, they can change the layout of the city so that it meets the desired objective. This would only need enough finances and it is done. Historic cities are quite inflexible as redeveloping them would require a lot huge amounts of funds for compensating owners of different structures as well as lots of documentation on policy and legislation. When edge city developers are choosing the location and capacity for their mega-projects, they have to make several

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Criminal law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Criminal law - Essay Example Hawthorne, as shall be seen. Discussing the Criminal Liability of Andrew Chances for Andrew’s criminal liability are very high. As previously stated, the Black Letter Law specifies the need to factor actus reus and mens rea when determining criminal liability. As touching, mens rea, Andrew clearly has a criminal liability, since his mental elements are voluntary, purposeful and in line with a criminal intent. Facts that support or evidence Andrew’s criminal intent are: him wanting to eliminate Sue (which leads to and is made manifest by); him hiring a hit man to murder Mrs. Sue; and him setting a ? 5,000 bounty on Sue’s head, as the hit man’s reward. The aforementioned elements immediately above are serious and interrelate with one another. The idea of Andrew having a mental intent of getting rid of his wife Mrs. Sue, so that he could remain with Beth (the lady he is having extra-marital relations with), becomes self-evident, when he plans Mrs. Sue’ s murder. This is further stressed when Andrew hires not just any murderer, but aseasoned hit man, John to fatally shoot Mrs. Sue. This shows Andrew’s commitment to arranging for Sue’s murder. Andrew’s intent to have Sue murdered is also evidenced by him supplying John with a gun, for the same purpose. Again, the same intent is made manifest in Andrew helping John identify Mrs. Sue, her car and where Mrs. Sue works. All these show that Andrew’s actions are previously thought. In a closely related wavelength, all actions that Andrew carries out readily and indisputably render him compos mentis. According to Dioso-Villa1, to argue otherwise in an attempt to render him non-compos mentis and to therefore insinuate that there can proceed, sustainable order from disorder. Andrew’s cognitive and mental orderliness is confirmed by the elaborate plan he crafted to have Mrs. Sue identified and eliminated. Again, this orderliness is confirmed by his attempts to keep the plan as discreet as possible. Even when he discovers that his son Tim has been mistakenly murdered in place of Mrs. Sue, he does not report the matter to law enforcement authorities. This shows that Andrew knew very well that his acts are criminal and thus preferred to steer clear of polices’ involvement. In another instance, Andrew’s mental intent to commit the crime of murder is confirmed by him driving himself up to their house, to kill Sue, by himself. It is clear that Andrew’s criminal intent is the very factor that made him to drive to their home. He does this after realising that his previous plan to murder Sue had fatefully backfired. He then willfully opens up an argument with Sue to provoke an argument, so that he can be enraged into murdering Sue. This plan becomes successful. In respect to the immediately foregoing, the previous planning by Andrew rules out any chances for considering Andrew’s murderous acts as second or/ and third degree. Moreover, Andrew’s act of repeatedly stabbing Mrs. Sue speaks of a mental criminal intent and rules out third or second degree murder.This is to mean that Andrew is certainly answerable for first degree murder. The converse is also true that Andrew also is responsible, based on his actions (actus rea).Indeed, Andrew performs actions that are criminal in nature, or before the law. Andrew hires the services of an experienced hit man (John), for the

American Culture and Traditions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

American Culture and Traditions - Assignment Example Most of the Native Americans can be found in Hawaii and Alaska where they have settled and practiced their cultural activities over time. To remember the modern day Americans are using costumes and writing books which cause their awareness and the respect they should deserve. Some of the costumes used in Halloween portray the Natives culture and the way of life. I once wore a costume that made me resemble the American Natives from the South. ‘Redskin’ is referred to as an offensive word in the American community and to some, it is a taboo since it violates rights of the Native Americans. Most people use it as a slang word while referring to the Natives due to their ‘reddish skin.’ I would recommend the change of the name ‘Washington Redskins’ to another name that does not fall on racial and cultural lines. The team represents the Washington State in the national basketball teams. The name may bring a different meaning depending on the understanding hence leading to racial debates despite it representing the color of their uniform. For example, a Native American’s basketball team may feel offended while playing with the Washington Redskins due to the commentary of the game. The use of other names such as ‘Whiteskins’, ‘Yellowskins’ and ‘Black skins’ would cause alarm and racial debates in the country due to use of racially offensive names . It may lead to a neo-racism era that involves cases of racial discrimination in the modern day society. Most Americans prefer having generous relationships with the Native Americans as compared to ‘Blacks and ‘Latinos due to various reasons. The Natives have been respected due to their rich social and cultural activities (Schaefer 2012). Their geographical locations also serve as a reason since they are found in remote North and South areas of the United States which include the North and south. They lack social interactions hence limited cases of racism.  

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Technology of the future Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Technology of the future - Research Paper Example Another such implementation will occur in terms of spray-on nano computers. This technology will function as miniscule robots will be sprayed onto the chests of patients. These robots will then be able to record the patient’s health and allow doctors to monitor patients with specific areas of concern. Other prominent computer technology is understood to emerge in terms of quantum computers and artificial intelligence. In these regards, it’s noted that, â€Å"A quantum computer uses quantum mechanical phenomena, such as entanglement and superposition to process data. Quantum computation aims to use the quantum properties of particles to represent and structure data† (Herzog). While quantum technology has already been implemented in a variety of computers, future contexts will be able to implement this technology to much greater extremes. In these regards future quantum technology will allow for the running of a myriad of simulations that will revolutionize the way s that agencies and institutions approach a variety of concerns. In addition such quantum technology can be utilized in processes such as cryptography, modeling and indexing large databases. Artificial intelligence is also believed to have great future potential. While the potential for future artificial intelligence is truly endless researchers have identified a number of specific areas of future development. One of the prominent areas includes gaming technology. Currently artificial intelligence is implemented prominently in a variety of gaming technological devices, both recreationally, as well as for real-world civil and military simulations (Brockman). Future technological contexts will witness... The paper tells that the late 20th century and early 21st century have witnessed rapid progress in terms of computer technology. While significant development has occurred in previous decades it’s clear that substantial change await future contexts. Some of the most prominent areas of development are believed to occur in terms of nanotechnology. There is a broad variety of communication technology that will be implemented in future contexts. Still, a number of notable future communication technologies are currently being developed. In these regards, technology is being developed wherein stolen cell-phones or computers will be able to map the walking habits of the use. Some of the most prominent such changes will occur through reductions in emissions. In terms of alternative energy sources, currently hybrid and electric technology has emerged. Still the most prominent future alternative energy source is argued to be hydrogen fuel cells. The potentials of space technology are a large and well-considered topic. In terms of some of the most sensational and romantic areas of potential future technological advancement include commercial space flights. Currently Virgin Airline CEO Sir Richard Branson has developed Virgin Galactic as a means of developing such commercial transportation. The revolutionary device of the gene chip is regarded one of the most important future benefits of the human genome project. Scientists will be able to utilize this chip to identify specific areas of genetic distress; the chip lights up and indicates these areas.

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Brand management and research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Brand management and research - Essay Example This increased wave of competition in the business markets has forced firms to devise strategies that tend to enhance their competitive advantage in the market. The increased wave of competition in the market has enhanced the importance of branding and brand image towards generating competitive advantage. The aspect of branding assumes even more importance as customers largely use the brand to distinguish between products and services of different market players. Firms are therefore trying out different strategies that tend to increase their brand value so as to gain competitive advantage. The aspect of branding has assumed so much importance that well known brand like Apple are being valued in billions for their brand image and their image on the minds of the customers. Aspects like brand equity which involves the extra value addition in the product or service offering have also assumed large scale importance for business organizations (Stadtler, 2010, p.1). The present study would try to analyse the different dimensions of branding including elements like brand value, brand image and brand positioning. The organization selected for the study is Nintendo which is an organization that deals with the manufacture and sales of gaming consoles in many nations across the world. The study would highlight the relative strengths and weakness of the organizations with regards to the aspect of branding. Company Background Nintendo is a Japanese organization that deals in the manufacture of gaming consoles. The company started its business in the year 1985 as a manufacturer of games and gaming consoles. The initial operations of the firm were restricted to Japan. After initial success the company expanded into different nations like USA, UK and is presently operating in about 20 nations across the globe. The company’s initial products of Mario and Zelda became instant hit with the target audience and still continue to be largely popular among the members of the tar get audience. The company by virtue of its highly innovative products has established a strong brand image in the minds of the customers. The other products of the company include Nintendo Ds, Nintendo Game cube which have been huge hits with the customers across the world. In the year 2006 the company launched the Nintendo Wii that was a revolution in the world of gaming industry which had exiting and unmatched product features. The core competence of the firm includes its innovative product line and a continuous and uniform diffusion of innovation that helps it to establish itself as a unique brand in the minds of the customers (Nintendo, 2011). The subsequent sections would try to analyze the different aspects of branding including the elements of value, image and positioning towards generation of competitive advantage. Brand Position Brand position implies the image of the brand in the minds of the target market audience. Knox (2004) undertook a study on the aspect of brand posi tioning and stated that in order to stay competitive firms need to look beyond the realm of the product and service mix so as to generate greater value and image of the brand in the minds of the consumers. The author cites the example of Coca Cola by stating that most of its value comes from its brand image rather than its other existing assets (Knox, 2004, p. 105-106). Grad

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Argument essay (mini research paper) about immigration( specific

Argument (mini research paper) about immigration( specific topics included in instructions) - Essay Example must oppose the Great Wall of America because it is not an effective and efficient solution to illegal immigration, it promotes nativism that borders racism, and it results to inhumane consequences that goes against the universal right to work and live in other nations. The Wall is too expensive, yet ineffective, in curbing illegal immigration. The Wall is too costly, and it is not even completed in a consistent manner. Wayne A. Cornelius from the University of California at San Diego complains of the endless costs of building the wall: â€Å"Upward of $25 billion has been spent on border fortification since 1993, but we have little to show for it beyond photo ops for anti-immigration politicians.† These funds are approved by Congress, but the expenses will never end because of the large area of territory needed to build the Wall and to maintain it. Furthermore, the Wall will not stop immigrants, who are deeply driven to cross physical barriers because of socio-economic reasons. David Von Drehle, a reporter for Time, notes that immigrants will seek for other ways to illegally enter America: â€Å"Crossings didnt stop--they moved† (2). People will not stop in searching for means to breach the Wall, especially when they have nothing to lose. Furthermore, a wall, no matter how solid or guarded it is, cannot stop the ingenuity of human smugglers. Their business is to move people illegally across borders, and not even the Great Wall can stop them: â€Å"Smugglers like to cut this fence with torches, then carefully put everything back in place so the border patrol wont notice† (Von Drehle 2). When obstacles exist, human smugglers use other modes of getting people across the border. Thus, the present Wall is inefficient and not significantly effective in stopping illegal immigration. Apart from being an ineffective and expensive way of controlling immigration, the Wall promotes sentiments of nativism that can lead to racism. Richard Rodriguez, a news writer for Los Angeles

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Children with disabilities using sign language Research Paper

Children with disabilities using sign language - Research Paper Example This way, such children will exhibit a delay in speech or receptive ability. Considering that, sign language uses manual communication and body language to convey a message, such visual and gestural characteristics serves to support the receptive and expressive language for children with disabilities (Simpson & Lynch, 2007). Additionally, the incorporation of visual and auditory aspects of sign language serves to make language more tangible for children with disabilities, thus enhancing their language and communication skills. Considering that speech, language, and communication activities are supported by the left hemisphere of the brain, then, the application of sign language serves to spur the growth of the brain in children, while increasing the level of activity in the left hemisphere. This adds the kinetic sense to the visual and the oral aspects of language acquisition, enhancing the communication and language base for children (Kelly, 2008). The application of sign language is also important for teaching children with disabilities, in that, the incorporation of movement and signs enhance the ability of such children to remember what they heard and saw, increasing their receptive and expressive abilities (Simpson & Lynch, 2007). Most paramount of the application of sign language to teach children with disabilities is that, it allows a teacher to demonstrate using signs and symbols, while the learners keep imitating this. Eventually, the teacher allows the learners to imitate the signs and the symbols using their own words, an aspect that serves to enhance their language development (Simpson & Lynch, 2007). This case was observed at Grenloch School, where teachers adopted sign language for teaching children in all subjects. This application was observed to create enthusiasm in children, as they enjoyed learning through

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Significance of Discoveries in Genetics and DNA Essay

Significance of Discoveries in Genetics and DNA - Essay Example The principles and procedures of genetics were first advanced by Gregory Mendel, who performed a series of experiments that pointed the existence of genes. Mendel performed experiments through selective cross breeding of pea plants over generations. He discovered that some traits show in offspring without any blending with parents. For example, an offspring of a cross-pollinated purple flowered and white coloured pea plant did not rise to intermediate colours. The offspring in the first generation were in a ratio of 3:1 and the second-generation self-cross gave rise to a 1:1 ratio. Mendel therefore concluded that inheritance of traits is determined by units that are passed to offspring unchanged. Secondly, that an individual will inherit one unit from each parent for each trait and that the trait does not show up in the first generation, but will eventually in the subsequent generations. According to Mendel, the dominant allele masked the presence of the recessive allele in the F1 generation. His work gave rise to two genetic principles. Firstly, the law of segregation that states that for any trait alleles separate, only one passes fr om the parent to the offspring. Secondly, the principle of independent assortment which states that alleles are passed from the parent to the offspring independent of each other (Bortz, 2014). Following the discovery of Mendelian principles, T.H. Morgan performed experiments on the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster because of their different body features that can help distinguish males and females. He observed the colour of their eyes, shape of wings and body shape. The choice of characteristics was distinctive for crossing because of the pronounced phenotypes. Before Mendel’s discoveries, evolutionary scientists like Charles Darwin believed that traits in an organism are selected through natural selection where the fittest organisms survived phasing out the least adaptable species.

Global Staffing Systems Essay Example for Free

Global Staffing Systems Essay In the article Designing and Implementing Global Staffing Systems: Part I Leaders in Global Staffing, Wiechmann, Ryan, and Hemingway propose several components of global staffing systems and also provide us with similarities and differences among the global staffing situations at several MNC’s. They analyze six multinationals—Agilent Technologies, Dow Chemical, IBM, Motorola, Proctor and Gamble, and Shell Oil. One thing common to nearly all the companies is the use of recruitment software. Additionally, an interview is an integral part of the hiring process. Other companies use tests as a measure of employee aptitude and one company even uses a training program to train candidates for the interview. What makes these successful is the global nature of both recruitment and hiring. Agilent uses universal questions that are asked of all candidates as part of the pre-screening process. They also post jobs internally at the same time as posting externally. If two candidates present with the same qualifications, and one is internal, and the other external, then the internal candidate is hired. Dow Chemical uses a model that provides training for the applicants. Additionally, like Agilent, Dow uses an internal hiring practice that allows employees from all but the highest management to self-nominate for jobs within the company. Dow also uses a standardized testing procedure that requires that the test administrators receive testing prior to administering the test. IBM uses an aptitude test to select entry level technical applicants. The test is multi-lingual, and a testing guide is created to help interpret the test results. Motorola also uses a standardized testing procedure that has been validated over 11 countries and five years. Proctor and Gamble uses a scorable application, but then also utilize an English proficiency test. Shell Oil uses an English-only approach to testing, as they use English in all their business dealings. As noted, most of these companies do utilize an interview strategy in their hiring practices. There are similarities that have been noted in the practices of the companies in their hiring practices. The use of assessment tools and interviews in hiring is common to all the companies. In terms of differences, the use of English-only tests as indicated by Shell Oil show that some companies are interested in maintaining a global language for business. Others give their assessments in the native language. Additionally, the use of employee recruitment software is sporadic, but used within the constraints of the company. What can be learned from this? We can learn that MNC’s learn about employees not just through the traditional face to face interview, but through assessment tools that are objective and adjusted for the cultural norms of the society in which they are administered. We can also learn that companies exhibit due diligence when they hire, and to that end they tend to get a better quality of hire and that improves the overall efficacy of the company.

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My Most Personal Place Essay Example for Free

My Most Personal Place Essay White blank walls, white cold tile floor, tucked in the basement away from my seven other roommates was my new bedroom. The only natural light in the room coming from the window the size of a picture frame. Moving into a new and unfamiliar place can be unsettling and exciting. I went to work moving my things in and making this 10 by 10 white empty box my new room. After two short days I completed my decorating and was thrilled with the outcome. The ceiling of my bedroom was outlined with white christmas lights twinkling in unison. In the middle of the ceiling hung a round yellow paper lantern that came from my sisters wedding; everytime I looked up I had good memories and it made me feel love and warmth. I placed glow-in-the-dark stars sparatically covering my ceiling so I felt I was falling asleep gazing at the stars in the sky. The room had a ledge about a foot higher than my queen size bed. I lined the ledge with vanilla-lavender scented candles that filled the room with an amazing aroma that calmed me as if it rocked me to sleep before bed. My bedding was gray and lavender colored with a pattern that looked as if it was paint brush strokes. I was not allowed to paint the walls so I covered them with colorful posters of bands and portraits I enjoyed. Between the posters were photos of my friends and family; photos that made me smile as I reminisced the funny memories I had with my loved ones. The tile felt like ice against bare feet. I purchased a gray shag rug that looked as if it came from the 1970s but felt soft and warm as it cushioned your feet from the cold, hard floor beneath it. My closet was immediately to the left after you entered my room and was hidden by a light purple curtian. There was a small, black mini fridge in the corner of the room beside the television. The door had two locks on it thanks to my dad, but it made me  feel safe.

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Sr Research Experiment Builder

Sr Research Experiment Builder The SR Research Experiment Builder SREB is a visual experiment creation tool for use by Psychologists and Neuroscientists. The SREB is designed to be easy to use while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. This unique design combination allows for a wide range of experimental paradigms to be created by someone with little or no programming or scripting expertise. When used in combination with the SR Research EyeLink ® eye tracking system, the SREB provides seamless integration into the EyeLink hardware and software platform. Experiments are created in the Experiment Builder by dragging and dropping experiment components into a workspace and configuring the properties of the added components. There are two main classes of experiment components in the Experiment Builder: Actions and Triggers. Actions tell the computer to do something, like displaying a set of graphics on the screen or playing a sound. Triggers define the conditions that must be met before an action can be performed. The flow of the experiment is achieved by connecting sequentially related components in the workspace in a flow diagram like fashion. One of the important concepts in SR Research Experiment Builder is hierarchical organization of events in an experiment. A typical experiment can be dissected into several levels along a hierarchy of Experiment à ¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Blocks à ¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Trials à ¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Trial Runtime / Recording. All of the events within each level of this hierarchy can be conveniently wrapped in a loop (called sequence or sub-graph in Experiment Builder). This allows the whole sequence to be connected to other objects as a unit and be repeated several times in a row. Creating EyeLink Experiments To create an Experiment with SR Research Experiment Builder, the user needs to take the following the following steps: Experiment Design Building and Test-running Experiment Deploying Experiment Participant Data Set Randomization Data Collection Data Analysis Following these, a set of files are generated so that the experiment can be run for data collection without relying on the Experiment Builder application. To illustrate the use of Experiment Builder, a very simple eye-tracking experiment can be shown which runs three blocks of four trials. In each trial, a single word is displayed in the centre of the screen. Creating a New Experiment Session Click on the Experiment Builder to start a new session. When the application starts: Click on File à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ­Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ New on the application menu bar. In the following New Project dialog box, enter Simple in the Project Name edit box. Click on the button on the right end of the Project Location to browse to the directory where the experiment project should be saved. If you are manually entering the Project Location field, please make sure that the intended directory already exists. Make sure that EyeLink Experiment box is checked for an EyeLink experiment. Note: The user shouldnt manually add or remove files in the experiment directory. Configuring Experiment Preference Settings After a new experiment session is created, the user needs to check whether the default display and screen preference settings are fine for the experiment to be created. Select Edit à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ­Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ Preferences from the application menu bar or press the F4 key. Click on Preferences à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ­Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ Experiment à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ­Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ Devices à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ­Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ Display to check display settings. Make sure that the settings (Width, Height, Bits per Pixel, and Refresh Rate) used are supported by your video card and monitor. Click on Preferences à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ­Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ Screen to check Screen Builder settings. Set the Location Type as Center Position. If any of the above settings have been changed and if you want to keep the new settings as defaults for all of your future experiments, click on the button save properties as default. Creating Experiment Block Sequence The first step is to add a block sequence for repeating blocks: Click on the Experiment Tab in the Project Explorer Window to start. Click on the Action Tab of component toolbox. Select the Sequence node, hold down the left mouse button and drag it into the work area. Place the mouse cursor on top of the START node; hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse cursor on top of the SEQUENCE node. This makes the connection from the START node to SEQUENCE node. (Note: dont make a single or double click on the START node as this will select the node instead. If you have done so, place the mouse cursor on a blank area in the work space and make a single click there. Redo the current step again.) Click on any blank area in the work window. Click the right mouse button and select Arrange Layout in the popup menu. This will re-arrange the nodes in a hierarchical fashion. Click on the SEQUENCE node in the structure list to continue. Editing Block Sequence Next, one will need to edit the properties of the Block Sequence. This involves changing the Label of the sequence to make it more meaningful and changing the iteration count (total number of times a sequence must be executed) to the actual number of blocks to be tested. Click on the value field of the Label property of the Sequence created. Write BLOCK in the text editor and press the ENTER key to finish. Click on the Iteration Count value field and enter 3 as the total number of sequence loops. In the experiment Work Space, double click on the Sequence object to continue. In each block, one has to first give an instruction, perform a camera setup, calibration, and then run the trials (an example has been given below) Click on the Action Tab of the component toolbox, select the Display screen action, hold down the left mouse button and drag the action into the work area. Click on the Trigger Tab of the component toolbox, select the Keyboard trigger, hold down the left mouse button and drag the action into the work area. Add an EyeLink © Button trigger to the work space. Add a Timer trigger to the work space. Click on the Timer trigger and set the duration to 20000 msec. Click on the Action Tab of the component toolbox and add a Camera Setup action to the work space. Click on the action and set the Background Color to white (255, 255, 255). Click on the Action Tab of toolbox and add a Sequence node to the work space. This will be our trial sequence. Place the mouse cursor on top of the START node. Hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse on top of the DISPLAY_SCREEN node. This makes the connection from the start node to the DISPLAY_SCREEN node. Similarly, connect from DISPLAY_SCREEN to KEYBOARD, EL_BUTTON, TIMER triggers. Note that a number is added to these connections, indicating the evaluation order among the three trigger types. Make the connection from the latter three triggers to the EL_CAMERA_SETUP node and from EL_CAMERA_SETUP to the SEQUENCE node. Click at any blank area in the work window. Click the right mouse button and select Arrange Layout in the popup menu. This will re-arrange the nodes in an orderly fashion. Double click on the DISPLAY_SCREEN object in the work space (not from the structure list) until the Screen Builder interfaces displayed in the Graph Editor Window. Creating Instruction Screen The user may want to provide instruction to the participants at the beginning of the experiment. This can be done by creating an image file containing the experiment instructions and then using DISPLAY_SCREEN action to show the image. The instruction text can also be created with the multiline text resource. In the current example, multiline text resource text source is used. Click on the multiline text resource button on the screen builder toolbar to select the type of resource to be added. Click anywhere on the screen. In the following Multiline Text Resource Editor: Enter the instruction text. Press CTRL + A to select all text entered. Click the Margins button box to set the text margins. Enter 100 (or desired value) in all fields. Click the OK button on the dialog box. Make sure that the text is still selected. Now click the buttons on the toolbar to set the desired text appearance (font name, font size, font style, alignment style, line spacing, and text colour). Click on the Close button at the top right corner of the dialog to finish. To work with images instead of texts: The image resource is flexible enough to accommodate various modes of displaying (e.g., original image size vs. stretched, top-left aligned or centred). The following discusses the option of displaying images in original size or stretching it to a specific dimension. To display the image in original size, after the image is added to the display, the user should have Use Original Size field of the image checked. Please note that, enabling that field will also make several attributes read-only (Width, Height, Clipping Location, Clipping Width, Clipping Height, and Clipping Area is Gaze Contingent). To stretch all images to a fixed width and height (1024 ÃÆ'- 768 for example), after the image is added to the display, the user should first make sure that the Use Original Size field is unchecked. Check the values of Width and Height fields of sample image added and adjust them if necessary. In addition, the user may need to check the values of Clipping Location, Clipping Width and Clipping Height attributes, which are used to control the part of the image to be shown. By default, the clipping width and height are the same as the image width and height. Please note that the clipping location is always top-left based and the location is relative to the top-left corner of the image. If images are stretched to different dimensions, the user should add two columns in the experiment data source to specify the desired image width and height. After the sample image is added to the display, the user should refer the width, height, clip width, and clip height of the image to the two columns created in the data source. Editing Trial Sequence: Data Source Next, one will have to work on the sequence, which will contain all necessary triggers and actions in each trial. One would also have to create a data source to be used for setting parameters in individual trials. Click on the last SEQUENCE node on the structure list to start. In the property table, click on the value field of LABEL. Set it to TRIAL. Click on the Data Source property to bring up Data Source Editor. Click on the Add Column button. In the following dialog box, type Trial (without quotation marks) in the Column Name editor box and set Column type as Number. Click OK button to finish. Click on the Add Column button again. Set the Column Name as Word and Column type as String. Click OK button to finish. Click on the Add Row button. Enter the desired number (here 12) in the Number of Rows edit box to generate the number of rows of empty cells (here 12). Click on the empty cells of the table just generated. For this example, the values of the Trial column are set as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. For the word column, the following strings have been used: One, Two, Three, Four, till Twelve. Click on the Split by value field. Enter a value (here [4]. This makes sure that only 4 trials are run in each block.) Double click on the TRIAL sequence node in the structure list. Click on Start node under it to continue. Editing Trial Sequence: Preparing Sequence and Drift Correction Each recording trial should begin with a prepare sequence action, followed by a drift correction action, and then by the actual trial recording. The prepare sequence action allows the user to preload the image files or audio clips for real-time image drawing or sound playing, to draw feedback graphics on the Host PC to evaluate participants performance, and to reinitialize trigger settings. The user should typically call this action before performing a drift correction. Click on the Action Tab of the component toolbox, select the Prepare Sequence action, hold down the left mouse button and drag the action into the work space. Click on the added PREPARE SEQUENCE action and review the settings in the property table. Make sure to check Draw To EyeLink Host field is set to IMAGE or PRIMITIVE. This will draw image or simple graphics on the host screen for the purpose of evaluating gaze accuracy. Add a Drift Correction action from the action tab of the component toolbox. Click on the Action Tab of toolbox, select the Sequence node, hold down the left mouse button and drag it into the work space. Make a connection from the START node to PREPARE_SEQUENCE, from PREPARE_SEQUENCE to DRIFT_CORRECTION, and from DRIFT_CORRECT to the SEQUENCE node. Click on any blank area in the Work Space. Click the right mouse button and select Arrange Layout in the popup menu to re-arrange the nodes in an orderly fashion. Double click on the newly created sequence to fill in the actual events in the recording. Editing Recording Sequence In a simple recording sequence, one has to display a screen and then wait for a button press response from the participant. The trial times out automatically if no response is made within a user specified time interval in seconds. The display screen is then cleared. Select the newly added Sequence node. Rename the label as RECORDING. Make sure that the Record and Is Real time checkboxes are checked. Double click on the RECORDING node in the structure list until seeing a START node under it. As we double click on the START node, the content of the work area window is also updated. Click on the Action Tab of the component toolbox, select the display screen action, hold down the left mouse button and drag the action into the work area. Click on the Triggers Tab of toolbox, select the TIMER node, hold down the left mouse button and drag the trigger into the work space. Double click on the Timer object. Enter Time out (without quote) in the Message value field and 10000 (time in ms) in the duration field. Add an EyeLink © Button trigger. Add another display screen action. Double click on the action and modify its label as DISPLAY_BLANK. Also uncheck the Send EyeLink DV Message box. Make a connection from the START node to DISPLAY_SCREEN, from DISPLAY_SCREEN to TIMER, from DISPLAY_SCREEN to EL_BUTTON, from TIMER to DISPLAY_BLANK and from EL_BUTTON to DISPLAY_BLANK. Click at any blank area in the work space, then click the right mouse button and select Layout à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ in the popup menu. Click ok in the following dialog box. This will re-arrange the nodes in an orderly fashion. Modifying Properties of Display Screen One must first need to check the property settings of the display screen actions. For better Data Viewer integration and for reaction time calculation, a message should be written to the EDF file to indicate the time when the stimulus was visible to the participants. In addition, one may need to draw simple graphics onto the host screen so that the participants gaze accuracy during recording can be evaluated. Click on the DISPLAY_SCREEN node. In the property window of the action, double click on the value field of Message property. Type in SYNCTIME and then press ENTER key to register the change. Make sure that the Send EyeLink © DV Messages and Use for Host Display properties are checked. Select the DISPLAY_BLANK action. Double click on the value field of Message property. Type in blank_screen and then press ENTER key to register the change. Make sure that both Send EyeLink © DV Messages and Use for Host Display checkboxes for the DISPLAY_BLANK action is unchecked. Creating Display Screen In here, one has to add a text resource to the display screen and modify the properties of the text resource, such as font name, size, text to be displayed, and alignment style. One also must have to create an interest area for the text. To do this, first double click on the DISPLAY_SCREEN object in the work space, until the screen builder interface is displayed in the Graph Editor Window. Click on the Insert Text Resource button on the Screen Builder tool bar, and click at any position in the work area. Double click on the current value of Font Name (New Times Roman). This will bring up a dropdown list. Set the new font name as Arial (or any other). Double click on the current value of Font Size (20). Enter the desired text size (40) in the text editor. Double click on the far right end of the value field of the Text property. This will bring up an attribute editor dialog. Click on DataSource node under TRIAL sequence on the node selection list. Double click on the word node in the node attributes window. This will update the contents of Attribute editor dialog as @[emailprotected]. Click on the OK button to finish. Check the Use Runtime Word Segment box. This will create interest area automatically for the text used. Select the newly added text resource, click on both Horizontal Center Alignment and Vertical Center Alignment buttons to place the text in the center of the screen. Select the text resource on the work area, click the right mouse button, and select the Lock Selection option so that the resource will not be moved accidentally. Writing Trial ID to EDF file A TRIALID message should be written to the EDF file so that the actual experiment condition under which the trial was conducted can be identified during analysis. Click on the Experiment (the topmost) node in the structure list to start. In the property table, click on the value field of the EyeLink © DV Variables property. In the following dialog box, for each of the variables to be added to the trial ID message, select the variable and click the ADD button. The order of the selected variables can be modified with the Move up and Move down buttons. Click on OK to finish. Showing Experiment Progress Message on Tracker Screen During trial recording, a text message can be displayed at the bottom of the tracker screen so that the experimenter can be informed of the experiment progress. For example, in this experiment, a text message like Trial 1/12 One on the tracker screen was shown. Click on the Recording sequence node in the structure list to start. In the property panel, click on the far right end of the value field of the EyeLink © Record Status Message property. In the attribute editor, enter an equation as: =Trial + str(@[emailprotected]) + /12 +str(@[emailprotected]) Click on the OK button to finish. Building the Experiment Click on Experiment à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ­Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ Build menu to build the experiment. The Editor Selection Tab in the Graph Editor Window will be set to the Output tab and build information will be displayed. Watch out for error (displayed in red) and warning (in brown) messages during building. The following is a list of common errors during experiment building: Image file not found No positions are added to the custom pattern Use of runtime value with pre-build to image option on No value is set at row for the column The node could not be used in the sequence Reference to not found in the graph. No link from node. Infinite loop found Invalid Reference. No recording sequence found in an EyeLink © experiment. The following is a list of common warnings during experiment building: The keyboard trigger and mouse trigger is used in a real-time sequence. If this is the case, check whether these two triggers are indispensable for the experiment design. If so, uncheck the Is Real-time box in the recording sequence. Default value use in attribute The user may also test the experiment by clicking on Experiment à ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ­Ãƒ ¯Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¾ Run from the application menu-bar. This will try to connect to the tracker PC and execute the experiment code. It should be noted that this should only be used for the purpose of testing and debugging experiment code. To collect experiment data, the user should use the deployed version of the experiment as it does not have to rely on the Experiment Builder application and can be run on a different computer. Deploying the Experiment After the experiment is built, the user must deploy the experiment to a new. This will generate a set of files so that the experiment can be run on a different computer without relying on the Experiment Builder application. If a data source is used, this will create a datasets subdirectory with a copy of data set file in it. The user can create several copies of data set files with the randomizer application Running the Experiment To run the experiment, open the directory where the experiment is deployed to and click on .exe. If the EyeLink © host application is already running on the Host PC and the Ethernet connection and settings between the host and Display PCs are ok, the experiment should now start. This will first popup a dialog box asking for the data source file. Go to the datasets directory and select the target data source file. Following this, enter the desired EDF file name (must be in DOS 8.3 format) and click on the OK button to continue. Following the initial welcome message, the participant will be shown the camera setup and calibration screen and the recording can be started following calibration, validation, and drift correction. After the experiment has ended; an EDF file will be transferred to the Display PC. It may take some time to complete the file transfer. Possible Errors Error in Initializing Graphics: When you start the experiment and see an Error Initializing Graphics error, please check whether the display settings (screen resolution, colour bits, and refresh rate) specified for the experiment are supported by your video card. If not, please change the Preferences à ¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Experiment à ¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Devices à ¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Display settings. Error in Tracker Version: SR Research Experiment Builder works well with both EyeLink and EyeLink II eye trackers. The default tracker version is set to EyeLink II (see Preferences à ¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Experiment à ¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Devices à ¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ EyeLink). Therefore, EyeLink I users may see such an error message with the default tracker setting. If this is the case, please set the tracker-version in the device settings to EyeLink I. Participant Data Set Randomization In most experiments, the user will need to randomize trial order so that the experiment materials are not presented in the same sequence across participants. Randomization of data source can be done with either an internal randomizer or an external randomizer. These two randomization methods are almost identical and therefore the user may use the internal randomizer to perform randomization unless counterbalancing or Latin-square designs are needed. The configuration of the internal randomization settings should be done before deploying the experiment project whereas the external randomization can be done after deploying the experiment project. Data Collection Data can now be collected from the deployed version of the experiment. Double click on the executable file in the deployed experiment directory or type in the .exe file name from the command-line prompt. If the experiment uses a data source, a dialog will be displayed, allowing the user to choose the appropriate data source file. In an EyeLink © Experiment, the user will also be asked to enter the experiment session name. At the End of experiment, an EDF file will be generated for EyeLink © recording session and saved in the experiment directory. Optional result file(s) will be created if the user has specified them in EyeLink © and non-EyeLink © experiments. Data Analysis EyeLink © recording file can be conveniently analyzed with EyeLink © Data Viewer as the experiments created with Experiment Builder are fully integrated with this analysis tool. Experiment Builder sends messages to the data file so that images or simple drawing can be added as overlay background. The user can also specify trial variables, create interest areas, and send messages for the ease of data analysis. The result file(s) from a non-EyeLink © recording session contains columnar outputs for selected variables in the experiment. This file can be easily loaded by common statistics packages. Lists of Application Menu Bar and Toolbar File Menu and Tool Buttons Edit Menu and Tool Buttons Experiment Menu and Tool Buttons Help Menu Lists of Actions, Triggers and Other Node Types Actions Triggers Other Node Types

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Gillette :: essays research papers

Gillette is leading worldwide home applicants, such as razor, battery, electronic and manual toothbrush, manufacturing company. On April 14, 1998, the company introduced the world’s first triple blades razor and begun to sell July 1, 1998 in the United States and September in the Western Europe. Since Gillette launched new razor in 1998, the company expected high returns in short-term; however, the result of the new product has been defined yet. SWOT ANALYSIS - Key Learning The areas of the internal factors are Finance, Management, Manufacturing, Market position, Personnel, and Research & Development. All these factors can be defined as either strengths or weakness or both. First of all, the company as a whole gained net sales amount of 10.1 billion dollars and net income of 1.4 billion dollars for the 1997 due to acquire leading battery company â€Å"Duracel† in 1996 and grow of â€Å"Sensor Excel† razor. As a result, company could spend 1 billion dollars to invent â€Å"Mach 3† which is triple blades razor. Even though Gillette had sufficient fund to invent the new product, the company took high risk of financial side that if the new product’s sale does not reach to company’s expectation, the company will face shortage of capital resources and can be lead to bankruptcy. But if Mach3 turn out to be a New Coke or McDonald’s Arch Deluxe – much-hyped new products that were mostly duds and fizzle- the gloom will be heavy from Gillette’s corporate headquarters in Boston’s Back Bay to the South Boston factory that Gillette has overhauled to produce 600 million Mach3 blade cartridges per year, or about half of Gillette’s annual target of 1.2 billion Mach3 blades. (Boston Globe, 4/15/98) Since Gillette introduced "Mach3" in April, the company changed its manufacturing tools to produce Mach3 South Boston's factory. Gillette already spent 300 million dollars for advertising and promotion worldwide for the year that company introduced new product. The amount is twice as much as the company put for advertising "Sensor Excel" in 1989. Gillette released the new product to retail stores on July 1, 1998, and starts to advertise on TV and the other media six weeks later; however, many people went to the company's web site to look at the new product. Even though company spent tremendous amount of fund for the advertising, some people from Asia did not recognize the product according to our group's survey. For customers, there are satisfaction and complaints for Mach3. People, who satisfied with Mach3 according to our survey, said there are less irritation and faster shaving time. Customers who complaint about Mach3 argue that they do not want to spend more money on better outlook. According to our survey, one hundred percent of

The Touch, The Feel Of Hemp-- The Fiber Of Our Lives :: essays research papers

The Touch, The Feel of Hemp-- The Fiber of Our Lives Imagine how useful a Swiss Army Knife with more than 2500 functions would be if it was compact enough to be manageable. And imagine that this â€Å"knife† could help solve some very important problems that plague our environment as well as our society. Now think if the production of this tool was to be banned by the government. There would have to be some very strong reasons for the government to deny this extremely useful product to the people it governs. If the reasons for this interdiction were not very strong it would be absurd to think that the ban would last for an extended period of time. Well some people will be surprised to know that this very injustice is happening as we speak right here in our wonderful United States of America. The injustice I am describing is our governments ban on the cultivation of the hemp plant in our country. In this article I hope to inform the uninformed and reinform the misinformed on the subject of the hemp plant and how it would benefit us to encourage its widespread production. Industrial hemp is only a cousin of the drug producing plant, marijuana, but as far as the government is concerned they are the same things. Even though there is no chance a person could get high from smoking hemp, the government still prohibits its growth. Hemp does contain some THC, the chemical in pot that makes you high, but only a trace amount. To get the same buzz that a person would get from smoking one marijuana cigarette you would have to smoke twenty or thirty rolled from hemp and you would have to do in about the same amount of time. Common sense tells us that smoking this much of anything in a short amount of time would make you sick. If you smoke some industrial hemp you will only get a headache, and if you smoke more you will only get a bigger headache. The government has the same reason for the banning marijuana as they do for the ban on hemp, when hemp only contains trace amounts of the intoxicants that makes it illegal. Hemp can be compared to non-alcoholic beer, nut meg, cough syrup and mouthwash. NA beer and mouthwash contain alcohol, but nobody drinks them to get drunk. Nutmeg and cough syrup contain some psychoactive substances, but nobody uses these common products to get high.

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Isadora Duncan Essay -- essays research papers

Isadora Duncan 	Isadora Duncan was a famous dancer who brought a new kind of dance to the world. She danced out the feelings from deep in her heart. Unlike other dancers in the late nineteenth century, Isadora Duncan danced with flowing motion. She was not a ballerina, and did not like to watch ballet dancers, with their stiff bodies and unnatural pointe shoes. At first she was not liked, but as time went on, Isadora Duncan became a dance revolutionist people all over the world will never forget. 	Angela Isadora Duncan was born, one of four, on May 26,1877 in San Francisco, California. Her mother, Dora Duncan, was a piano teacher, and her father, Joseph Duncan was a banker, journalist, and poet. Her parents were both well educated, charming, and an altogether happy couple. However, their marriage fell apart soon after Isadora's birth. 	After the divorce, Dora was left with little money to support her four children; Augastin, Raymond, Elizabeth, and Isadora. She gave her music lessons, but still was not bringing in enough money to keep living in the same house. The family began moving from one apartment to another, learning to leave each one a day before the bills came around. 	Isadora started school at the age of five. In the late nineteenth century, students were expected to sit still during school, memorizing and reciting their lessons. To Isadora this was "irritating and meaningless." She hated school. She said later in her autobiography that her real education came on the nights when Isadora and her siblings would dance to her mother's music and learn about what they were interested in -- literature and music. 	Isadora was told as a child that she would have to learn to depend on herself to get what she needed in life. So as Isadora grew older, she began to understand her family's financial condition and was eager to help. She and her sister Elizabeth began baby-sitting to help the family. To keep their charges busy, they taught them how to dance. The dance lessons were mostly just telling them to wave their arms in the air, but it kept them busy and raised money for the family. 	In those days, when dancing was first popular, "nice" women wore clothing from chin to toe, not showing any skin. However, new kinds of dance were surfacing that allowed the "nicest" women to tak... ...hat trip to Paris, for she died on September 14, 1927 after having dinner with her life-long friend, Mary Desti. After dinner, she hopped into a Bugatti sports car with the agent from the car company. She was wearing a long, elegant, red scarf, and as Mary Desti looked on in horror, that scarf got caught in the axis of the spinning wheel and strangled Isadora Duncan to death. 	More than ten thousand people gathered at the cemetery to watch Isadora Duncan's ashes be place next to her children's in their memorial. Even people who had watched her dance decades before came to the solemn service. To all these people Isadora Duncan meant something. She brought into the world the idea of teaching young children how to dance. Even though she knew they would not all become professional dancers, she felt that a feeling of rhythm and freedom of movement were important for one to have. She was the first to ever express her personal emotions in her public dancing. She always wore revealing clothes, often whatever she could find around her house. If you ever see a young child on a stage twirling and leaping to the words of her own feelings, they are there because Isadora Duncan danced.

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“I had been hungry all the years” by Emily Dickinson Essay

The poem â€Å"I had been hungry all the years† by Emily Dickinson explores the persona’s change of attitude towards food. This poem can be taken literally or metaphorically and I have chosen to understand it literally. From the beginning of the poem, the persona informs us that she (assuming the persona is a girl) has not eaten fully for quite a while: â€Å"all the years†. However, now it is time for her to eat – at noon. She takes a rather tentative approach to the table possibly because she is scared that this room that holds the food is too good to be true. Scared that if she might make a sudden move, this room might disappear. Other possibilities to why she’s trembling might be the anticipation of actually eating the food or the fact that she’s so hungry that she’s physically trembling. Either way, she touches the wine glass cautiously, giving me an impression that she hasn’t seen wine before: â€Å"curious†. In the second stanza, the persona tells us her thoughts on food. She looks through windows at the tables of food whenever she’s â€Å"turning, hungry, lone†. Wealth, in this poem, means two things: one being material wealth such as mansion, furniture, and money. The other is food. Looking through a window from the outside, food to her is â€Å"wealth†. From this I deduced that the persona is extremely poor to be out on the streets – a homeless person. The third stanza supports the assumption I made in the previous paragraph â€Å"shared in Nature’s dining-room†. Nature’s dining-room is the outside world of the streets, where homeless people eat and sleep. Ample bread is so foreign to her that she is in awe and wonder of how large the bread is. The amount of food she eats is of a crumb, similar to the way birds eat – pecking at crumbs on the ground. This fourth stanza is where the change occurs. She has fully eaten for the first time and discovers that â€Å"the plenty† hurts. This is because she/her body is not accustomed to the amount of food she has eaten and thus, the result of her feeling ill and odd. Beforehand she eats as much as the birds do – only crumbs – but her situation of being hungry changes. And this is what makes her realize that food is not as appealing as she once previously  thought. Food is more delicious and wonderful when one is hungry but bland when one is ill and odd (or full). In satisfying her desire for food, she had learnt: â€Å"That hunger was the way Of persons outside windows, The entering takes away.†

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A Weapon for Self Defense

A instrument for Self Defense The succeeding(a) celebrities deal stated his or her stance on ordnance store manage in the follo net profitg quotes. Ted Nugent states, To my mind sic it is wholly irresponsible to go into the world incap fitted of preventing violence, injury, disgust, and death. How feeble is the brainpower to accept self-renunciationlessness? How unnatural. How cheap. How cowardly. How pathetic. (Buckeye Firearms connecter 2009). Clint Eas iiod similarly states, I founder a nonindulgent munition control policy if on that point is a sub around, I involve to be in control of it. (Buckeye Firearms connector 2009). Fin ally, James Earl Jones was quoted as saying, The world is fill with violence. Becaexercising sads carry heros, we decent fairness-abiding citizens should withal postulate gas pedals. Otherwise sic they allow for win and the decent people pass on lose. (Buckeye Firearms familiarity 2009). Are these quotes to be considered opiniona ted views? Perhaps, save all(prenominal) is logical and valid. Should law-abiding citizens have the option to own and carry a accelerator pedal for the use of self-defense? The break up is yes.While wedge control advocates fight for stricter petrol control laws anti- submarine sandwich control patronageers bank that stricter exposeicle accelerator control laws result limit and abate a citizens Constitutional respectable to keep and bear arms. in that respect atomic number 18 enough extensive artillery control laws already. Creating and passing stricter ordnance store control laws would however make it much rocky for law-abiding citizens to nurse his or herself. self-defence guns be used 2. 5 jillion generation a year in self-defense ( atom smasher Owners of the States 2004). What is this agreement and who are they to provide such a startle statistic?The gun for hire Owners of America is an organization created in 1975 and currently has 300,000 members. G un Owners of America was founded, to save up and asseverate the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. (Gun Owners of America 2004). With a statistic like that, what law-abiding citizen would non want to own a gun for self-defense? The Gun Owners of America (2004) pass on states that Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as mevery as 2. 5 times every year or nearly 6,850 times a mean solar day.This means that each year, bits are used more than 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives. (Gun Owners Foundation, 2004 p. 1) To support the put out of self-defense further, the article, Is Gun Ownership self-destructive (2009) describes the reasons for the right of an individual to own and use a gun in self-defense. The close to significant dispute that supporters of gun rights reason out consists of the right for each individual in our American society to be allowed to have have gotion of a gun and is allowed to praxis the right to use a gun for means of self-protection.Gun right advocates suggest that jurisprudence officers are unable to defend individuals in their house, vehicles, or communal places from criminal offenders, because the officers unremarkably enter the scene of the crime later on to the crime taken place. In connective with this observation, an individuals only defense if he or she fall victim to burglary, sexual attack, or murder is having a device that will permit him or her to defend him or herself.In more arguments, gun supporters suggest, if an individual presents a spell in observation of a criminal, this simple bring might be all it takes to admonish and inhibit an offense from occurring. If an assailant persists, supporters of gun rights state that an individual possessing a firearm still has the opportunity to avoid any risk of being assaulted (Guns and Crime, 2009). Gun jibe Laws According to the above stated statistics, wherefore do gun control ad vocates lapse to fight for stricter gun control laws? The topic Rifle Association Institute for statutory Action does not believe that stricter gun control laws are necessary.Who is this group and what do they stand for? The discipline Rifle Association Institute for Legal action was founded in 1975 and currently has 300,000 members. This group consists of anti-gun control advocates who are dedicated to protecting the right of all linked States citizens to procure, own and utilize firearms for law-abiding reasons as pledged within the coupled States Constitution within the Second Amendment. Andrew Arulanandam, the study Rifle Associations handler of Public Affairs stated, We have decorous gun laws on the books and if a crime occurs, those criminals need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.The top dog becomes how do you sic make something that is already guilty more illegal. sic Jost (2008). Furthermore Jost (2008) reveals the following Gun advocates inclu ding the powerful, 3-million-member National Rifle Association defend what they view as an individual ingrained right to use firearms in hunting, sportswoman shooting and self-defense. They argue that gun owners and dealers are already subject to a vane of federal, state and local firearms laws and regulations. The key to lessen gun violence, they say, lies with tougher penalties against criminals who use guns, instead of more restrictions on gun owners. Jost, 2008, p. 2) The resolution lies in stricter laws and enforced punishments for illegal gun enjoyment and sales, not stricter laws that prohibit or pull law-abiding citizens from obtaining and owning guns for self-defense. However, the Brady nerve centre to obstruct Gun Violence is determined to prove individuals and officials otherwise. The Brady nitty-gritty to keep open Gun Violence is an organization that guides the fight to prevent gun violence, along with other grassroot organizations. The Brady Center to Preven t Gun Violence originated from an organization cognize as shooting iron Control, Inc.Jim and Sarah Brady are the founders of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Jim Brady was the Whitehouse Press Secretary when Ronald Reagan was in office. Brady and the former President were both quip by John Hinckley who attempted to massacre President Ronald Reagan in 1981. (Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence 2009). According to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence (2009), its conclusion is stated that, As the Brady Center, we work to cleanse the gun industry by enacting and enforcing valid regulations to decoct gun violence, including regulations governing the gun industry. What has this organization accomplished? The answer is The Brady Law. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, also known as Brady Law was signed into law on November 30, 1993, and went into effect in February 1994. In its original form, the Brady Law required a five-day time lag peak and background b arricade before completion of the sale of a handgun. Unfortunately, the gun lobby was able to antagonise the Brady so that on November 30, 1998, the five-day waiting period for handgun purchasers expired.It was replaced by a mandatory, computerized National Instant Check System, which provides the information for criminal background checks on all firearm purchasers, not just those buying handguns. The results were devastating. (Brady trend to Prevent Violence 2007) What have stricter gun control laws contributed to so far? Death, as explained in the following cases. Erich Pratt is the Director of communication theory for the Gun Owners of America. Pratt (2001) stated that, ten days ago this month, a Brady style waiting period resulted in the death of fair(a) Elsmari of Wisconsin. This is Bonnie Elsmaris storyIn March of 1991, Bonnie had inquired about acquire a gun to protect herself sic from a save who had repeatedly threatened to butcher her. She was told there was a 48 hr waiting period to buy a handgun. But unfortunately, Bonnie was never able to pick up her gun. She and her two sons were killed the next day by an abusive husband of whom the legal philosophy were well aware. (Gun Owners of America 2001). This is Rayna Rosss story On June 29, 1993, at terce oclock in the morning, a 21-year-old woman named Rayna Ross was awakened by the arduous of a burglar who had broken into her apartment and entered her bedroom.The burglar was her ex-boyfriend, a man who had antecedently assaulted her. This time, having smashed his way into her apartment, he was arm with a bayonet. Miss Ross took aim with a . 380 semi-automatic side arm and stroke him twice. The burglars death was classified as a justifiable homicide by the Prince William county commonwealths attorney, which determined that Miss Ross had acted lawfully in shooting the attacker. Heres the actually scary part to this story, Miss Ross had bought her handgun one full art day before the attack, thanks to Virginias pulsation background check. Virginias 1993 Democratic nominee for the governor, Mary Sue Terry (endorsed by Handgun Control, Inc. ), proposed that although the Virginia instant check already checks all handgun buyers Virginia handgun purchasers should support a cooling-off period of five business days. Had the proposal been law in Virginia in 1993, Rayna Ross would now be undergoing a invariable permanent cooling off period. This is Catherine Lattas story In September sic 1990, Catherine Latta went to police to obtain permission to buy a handgun. Her ex-boyfriend had previously robbed her, assaulted her several times, and raped her.The shop assistant at the sheriffs office inform her that the gun permit would take two to four weeks. Ms Latta told the clerk, Id be dead by therefore. That afternoon she went to a bad part of town and bought an illegal $20 semi-automatic pistol on the street. Five hours later, her ex-boyfriend attacked her outside her house, and she shot him dead. Fortunately in this case, the county prosecutor obdurate not to prosecute Ms. Latta for either the self-defense homicide, or the illegal gun. Now why is it, that stricter gun control laws are postulate? Gun control laws have contributed only innocent people dying.Gun control advocates believe that stricter gun control laws will reduce violence, prevent accidental deaths, and deter crime. in that respect has been no proof to show that by enforcing stricter gun control laws, violence will decrease. There has been no evidence that enforcing stricter gun control laws criminals will be deterred from committing uncivilized crimes. However, it is evident that the enforcement of stricter gun control laws will hinder a law-abiding citizen the qualification to own a firearm for self-defense. The citizens of the United States have the right to protect themselves and their families.Although many gun control advocates will glide by to try to infringe on the gun righ ts of the law-abiding citizens of the United States, Americans who take avail of their Constitutional right to bear arms, will continue to legally possess a firearm and furthermore continue to support anti-gun control advocates in their on-going drives to defend our freedoms. Do individuals want to be part of the effort to defend our freedoms, therefore choosing the right to possess a gun in mold to protect themselves and their families? The answer is yes.

How to write an introduction for a dissertation?

How to write an introduction for a dissertation?

The introduction is the starting point of your dissertation. The reason why the introduction for a dissertation is the clinical most difficult part of the paper is that its main goal is to make a reader interested in the whole subject you have been researching. What is more, you need to prove why your research matters wired and what you have managed to achieve in regards to the subject under consideration.Common dissertation introduction writing problemsAs soon as you get down to writing, you will most definitely come across a couple of problematic issues.Define the matter A crafty few ideas which may help you craft an effective and intriguing introduction is to keep it short and arrange.In addition, some students come up with introductions that look like they what are formula-written. Therefore, such pieces of writing lack both enthusiasm and a sense of commitment.Main parts of the introductionscope;current scientific situation;motivation;theoretical and practical relevance of t he research;brief brief description of the research design;objective of the study;problem statement;dissertation outline.You need to begin with stating the motive for your research.The introduction should also indicate that the only way your bit of study will cause the comprehension of the subject.

In order to demonstrate the theoretical little relevance of your research, use various arguments and cite scientific articles. Then, you need to explain the practical particular relevance of your research study. Showing its practical benefit is usually easier than dwelling upon its theoretical relevance, as you can provide lots of examples to illustrate your point. Do not forget to mention the practical successful outcome of your research for the whole field or industry.An introduction is merely among the elements of a dissertation.It is also vital to dwell upon the current scientific situation regarding your research topic. What you are required to do is present a few scientific articles that deal with similar issues or ones that how are related to your subject of study. Briefly explain the gist and the main message of those articles. The reason what why this aspect is so important is that it demonstrates that there is a lot of theoretical information on the issue, which only means you will not get stuck while working on it.Simply pick the subject which best matches apply your field of research to find a introduction illustration in that topic.

Try to summarize the gist of each chapter in one sentence. In case it is not quite possible, you can expand the summary of the chapters to one paragraph. Keep in mind that the brief outline should not be repetitively phrased. Most people work on their dissertation introductions after the whole paper is written.Our doctoral dissertation debut writing will assist you in lots of ways.Make sure you write to the point. Do not repeat yourself. Present useful information to the reader. Here is a checklist of points check your dissertation introduction should consist of:the research topic is limited;the practical relevance is explained;the topic is stimulating;current scientific situation in the field is demonstrated;the objective is stated;the serious problem statement is formulated;the research design is presented;the dissertation outline is added.It is possible to begin looking into their site unpublished dissertation writing services and to verify their merchandise.

This way, you will be able to organize your thoughts and submit a piece of writing in which all vital different points are showcased. Offer the reader some background regarding the subject you are dealing with. Clarify what the focus of check your study is. Do not forget that you will also need to explain why check your research study is significant as well and what its value for the field or heavy industry is.Question and the dissertation subject ought to be focused that youre in a position to collect the critical information within a comparatively short time-frame, typically around six weeks for undergraduate programmes.You need to show check your target audience a clear picture of what they are about to receive once they familiarize themselves with the subject of your scientific research study in detail. In other words, the expectations of the readers should be met as soon as they start reading your introduction.Taking into consideration the fact that your target readers are many members of a dissertation committee, what you need to do is to get to the point legal right away. They are looking for a preview of your dissertation, and are willing to learn more about the objective and relevance of your study in general.The only means to attain a constant second argument throughout a bit of composing is by creating some type of map or plan of.

Do not forget to define the public key terms of your dissertation. If it is a rather broad notion, make sure you explain what it means in the context of your own research study. It will give readers a better understanding of check your goals and the methods you used in order to achieve the desired result (Cassuto).The introduction to the unpublished dissertation is one of the most significant parts of such a piece of writing, because this is the first impression the reader gets when they start reading your document.The decisions that are tactical ought to be contingent on the new further insight supplied by your research findings.Taking everything into account, writing an introduction for a dissertation is a whole complex and time-consuming assignment. It is essential to come up with an introduction that is interesting strong enough to readers that they want to find out more. Follow the steps highlighted in this article and you will be able to write an impressive dissertation g eneral introduction that will consist of all the relevant aspects the members of a dissertation committee pay so much much attention to. Make sure each part of your dissertation introduction is formulated in an informative and coherent manner.Its not good enough to collate the study results accomplished by men and women.

Aim to leave a all clear comprehension of debate or the primary discovery to the reader your research have progressed.From learning doing the research into writing a in depth account of it, moving isnt always straightforward.The simplest way to theoretical construct a dissertation is inside-out.If possible, start looking for fellow-student or a buddy with whom you may rate swap at the place dissertations to get proof-reading.

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Mass Surveillance Essay

The thing began on June 17, 1972, when the topical anesthetic guard arrested quintuple work force for break of serve and entree into the classless discipline citizens commission r shoemakers laster at the Watergate complex. The police g refresh on the burglars a spatter stock certificate apply by the committee for the re-election of the prexy Richard Nixon and auditory modality de delinquencys. They carriage sneaking(a)s agents everywheremuch than burglars. As majuscule is a national district, the subject was aerated to the F. B. I. in spite of appearance hours aft(prenominal) that, the F. B. I find a realize of a C. I. A ships incumbent in the a sufferrophize declare of star of the burglars.The theatrical roler was a appendage of a secret motional team up aerated by the prexy to cling to mystical documents privileged the gabardine house. Although the burglary seemed to be an operation conduct by antecedent employees of the blanched hom e in drift to underc over agent on classless company elections plans, the FBI probe was non passing game away. The facial expression was wield by the mastermind of F. B. I Patrick Gray. Who was in brief in the lead appointed by the prexy in site of J. Edgar vacuum-clean (dead in May, 1972). The hot seat had chosen his coadjutor kind of of William f only guy Felt, the billets assort Director, the second-ranking post in the F. B. I aft(prenominal) Hoover.At first, the apostrophizeship do a truly critical noise and seemed to be cover up. Nixon reelected for an other(prenominal) four long time in November 1972. He defeat McGovern, the prevalent leader, with over 60 percentage of the popular vote. Until end of 1972, when the twain chapiter ring armor journalists bobfloat Woodward and Carl Bernstein revealed the intimacy in public. They had been informed by an F. B. I whistleblower (he revealed himself in 2005 and he was William specialise Felt, the physical body ii in the F. B. I at that moment). The issue was cover by galore(postnominal) other media the desire magazine Magazine, and The newly York generation and they accuse the chairwoman and his administration.Who in any case criminate the media of do barbarous accusations, set excessively much ferocity on this story. Months later, the engagement had a dramatic consequents and giving medicational repercussions, an investigation conducted by the Senate with egalitarian majority. It was revealed that professorship Nixon had a tape-recording dodge in his office and he had save many conversations. Recordings from these tapes implicate the chairwoman telltale(a) that he had cognize about(predicate) the contact and had seek to cover up. later on a extended round of nipping court battles, the U. S. independent salute nem con govern that the chairman had to surpass over the tapes to government investigators, he in the end pass on over. veneerin g near-certain impeachment in the category of Representatives and a unwavering disaster of a disapprobation in the Senate, Nixon resigned the disposal on dire 9, 1974. His successor, Gerald Ford, issued a amnesty to him. The Watergate crap resulted in 69 government officials be supercharged and 48 universe lay down shamed like vice chairwoman, F. B. I head, C. I. A officers, and all members of presidents administration.

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Charachter Analysis Atticus Finch Essay

In To sweep away a mocker by harper Lee, genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus genus Atticus Finch is a while who fights for what he believes in. He is truly(prenominal) unfaltering giveed and continuously the unmatched who will al-Qaida up for what is right, non what the or so prevalent amour is to do. He to a fault is frequently reffered to as the wisest domain in his town. Atticus believes in compar aptitude among good deal. In his brain all in all pile be bear on and deserve capable preaching no yield what step on it they argon. Atticus tells Jem and Scout, his ii children, non to strain population until you paseo in their shoes. Atticus is too a ex oneration lawyer for his county of Maycomb. Durring his case with turkey cock Robinson, the grim that was charge of raping a snow-coveredned girl, Atticus tries to deepen the injustices and racism in his microscopic hometown.Atticus is a older male, thoroughly-nigh 50 eld old, with a darker whisker an nonate that is routine gray-headed as he ages. He wears render because his go away tenderness is just about blind. He state left over(p) eye are the tribal swearword of the Finches. He is withal earlier tall. His devil children were erstwhile embarrassed of him, because he didnt tilt or hunt, handle the early(a) childrens fathers, collect to his age. entirely as they grew, they began appreciating him not for the activities he did on the weekend, solely his morals and beliefs.Atticus is one of the virtually loyal, hu hu domain racee, and concordant with his views and beliefs than whatever different roughage in the novel. degenerate Maudie states, Atticus Finch is the said(prenominal) in his class as he is on the usual streets. His intelligence, stabilise wisdom, courage, humility, privation of prejudice, and muscular wiz of justice, causes him to be consider by everyone, including the very short and minatory peo ple. Although he is looked pass on and mocked by some characters in the novel for his munificence towards the Negros, the people of Maycomb bland admiration him and hold in re-electing him to be their example in the tell Legislator.Durring the exam with turkey cock Robinson, Atticus Finch defendes him to the high hat of his ability scorn pregnant difficulties from the friendship. Since it was vertebral column in the clip of swell up-mannered tempestuousness and racial segregation. This had a coarse doctor on the community, as Atticus Finch was a passing appraiseed attorney in the white community, who finish up draw the nearly worship and respect from the entire ominous community for his efforts to point of view up for the legality unheeding of race.Atticus is a wholesome willed man who stands for what he belives in. His thoughts do not form because of a persons scratch up color. He is figure and catch and assistive to his children as well as anyon e else who whitethorn strain for help. He is a well regard man in Maycomb, because he stands for what he believes, not the familiar beliefs.